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Pop up News...

I’m very excited to announce that, this January, we are officially launching our pop-up side hustle. Our newest mobile sauna will be added to our fleet sometime mid December. It will hold about 8-10 people with a big window and a wood-fired stove. Our first pop-up location will operate weekends for the month of January at the Washington coastal town of Seabrook! Seabrook?! I hear all you Oregonians collectively say, “Where the heck is Seabrook?” If you’ve never heard of Seabrook, here are the cliff notes: It’s a picturesque community with over 450 vacation homes on the Washington Coast. It’s about a 3-hour drive from the Portland metro area, and it has a lot of people from the Seattle/Tacoma region. Seabrook was developed with the new urbanism design principle - everything is within walking distance, and community connection is the focus. It’s cool - real cool. It feels like you’ve walked into a movie set (think The Truman Show). They have hiking trails, mountain biking trails, surfing, great restaurants, swimming pools and lots of events throughout the year. This summer, I took a gaggle of teenage boys for our summer vacation and was thoroughly impressed. After a delicious taco and a margarita, I said, “This place could use a spa,” and, now, here we are. Be careful what you wish for, folks. :) January is Seabrook’s “Wellness month,” and we have been invited to operate for the entire month! We will be bringing the Connect Wellness vibe on the road with our newest mobile sauna, plus Gypsy. But wait, there’s more! The events team at Seabrook has given me the green light to help fill their January calendar with wellness practitioners who are focused on that whole mind/body/spirit wellness connection. Since our C.W. network is strong, I’m hoping that some of you sound bath, breath work, massage therapist, meditation people will want to join us for some weekend work. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please fill out this handy form and wait patiently for more details. Seabrook has generously offered us lodging for the month, but we are still working on logistics. Think of it as a working vacation. :)

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