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Healing Body Work...


We love massage and we love incorporating body work with a spa session.  Warm your body up, get a massage and then sweat out all those toxins! It's one of our favorite things. We do things a little differently with massage and hire independent practitioners. The links below will take you to their individual websites where you can see their calendars and book directly. If you want to add spa time before or after your massage please book directly here....



with Inspired Yoga and Massage

Mondays in the Yurt

Looking for a different type of massage? Time for you to try the Thai floor massage in the yurt with Kristi of Inspired Yoga and Massage. Thai massage is done fully clothed on a mat. I typically use hot herbal compresses to warm the muscles, add in compression strokes and follow that up with stretching, strengthening or a pin and stretch movement. You get to relax, while I bring greater movement into the body. Individuals that usually benefit the most from Thai massage are those with specific issues, chronic pain, those preparing for an event, such as: a marathon, tournament, ect., or those that prefer to receive a massage fully clothed. I also work with clients that are just trying to learn how to relax and release tension in their body. This often occurs with chronic stress or trauma.

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