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Frequently asked questions

We get it! This might be new to you! With anything new there is a level of uncertainty and apprehension. We hope answering some of these questions will help you gain confidence to visit us!

Can you give me more info on the naturist spa days?

If you've ever been curious about clothing optional sauna and spa places here is your chance to try it on! (pun intended) Hot springs, bathing houses and the world wide sauna culture is typically nude. Our naturist friends don't have very many options to take off their clothes. Our spa is a way to give back to this community and encourage the curious to try it.  If you are wanting to book a nude spa time please reach out and we will switch one of our community soak times to a naturist soak :) You should see on our calendar any community times that have been switched to naturist.  As we get busier we hope to have more regular naturist sessions but that takes time, we are trying this method for now!  Bring your friends!

What should I bring?

Please bring 2 towels (one for the spa and one for your shower) and a water bottle. We have some extra towels in emergency situations but to keep costs down we ask you provide your own.  Some of our guests love to bring things that would make their session more comfortable. A robe, a book, slip on shoes, a blanket in the summer to lay in the grass, a protein bar.... We are pretty open! Just don't bring any drugs or alcohol. 

Do you have any rules?

  • You must shower at the beginning of your session. It helps keep our hot tub water clean :)

  • In order to keep this a peaceful sanctuary we ask that you don't bring any alcohol or recreational drugs.

  • Refrain from extreme PDA (public displays of affection, save that for when you get home!)

  • Quiet conversation is totally encouraged, loud and boisterous people might be asked to quiet down. 

  • Listen to your body, if you are getting overheated please respond appropriately.

  • After your two hour session is up, you are welcome to enjoy the property but we ask that you respect the new guests reservation and stay out of the sauna and soaking flume.

  • HAVE FUN! Meet new people, relax and get yourself healed.

  • You will have to sign a liability waiver before you are able to use the facilities.

What will my first visit be like? 

On your first visit we will meet you at the beginning of the session to give you a tour of the space, show you how to operate the sauna, answer any questions. We want to make sure you feel welcome and comfortable in the space! Once you have been here a few times your session will be more hands off and you'll hopefully treat this as your home away from home! 

What exactly is a Thermal Cycle and how do I do it?

The simplified version... Thermal cycle is the process of heating your body up and then rapidly cooling it down. This extreme change in temperature is like a workout for all your internal organs and blood vessels. Your body adapts to the heat and the cold in an amazing way. Usually customers will feel a sense of calm and peace after their first cold plunge. Some even call it a euphoric feeling.  We recommend you do 2-3 cycles. It's different for everyone, for us, we usually take 20-30 minutes to warm up in the sauna, then a 90 second cold plunge. We repeat this 3 times. The cold plunge gets easier after the first cycle, we promise!

Do I have to do a cold plunge?

YES! Ha, just teasing. If you are not ready yet we totally get it.  The sauna and soaking flume can be somewhat intense and really limit the amount of time you can spend relaxing. When you add the cold plunge to the process it brings your core temperature down and it's when the magic happens. We try to stay in the cold plunge for a good 90 seconds! But even 10 seconds is a success! We recommend you just go for it, tell your mind you're going to do it and do it.  The first 15 seconds are the worst and the most shocking, but after that you maintain a sense of calm and clarity that is pretty spectacular.

Is there an age limit?

At this time we the facility is for our guests that are 18 and over If you have children over 12 and think they'd enjoy this with you please talk to us! Our kids love to do it with us but we also want to keep that chill relaxing vibe and sometimes kids don't help with that.

Do you offer any discounts?

We offer a significant discount to first responders and veterans, please email us for coupon code!

Have more questions?

Shoot us a text, give us a call or send us an email. We are always looking for ways to improve and we want to make sure all your questions are answered. If you have any ideas or concerns we want to hear them!

360-608-6904- Michelle

503-939-4853  Alan


4301 NE 59th Ave

Vancouver, WA 98661


360) 600-2837


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