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Our story

Hi there! If we've never met in person this online bio will have to do for now! I'm Michelle, a lifelong PNW native. I got  hooked pretty quickly on the cold plunge as soon as I felt the rush of feel good chemicals dancing around in my brain. Only problem was I didn't like fighting Portland traffic to experience a sauna and cold plunge!


If you can't find it, make it! My solution was to buy a barrel sauna kit and make my own backyard spa! That quickly morphed into something even bigger once I started traveling to multiple hot springs around the world for inspiration. I took some of my favorite ideas and attempted to recreate that vacation vibe right here in Vancouver. I went all out on the property to open it as an AirBnb, I ran that very successfully for a few months and then decided I should just live here and open a spa! I was missing the sauna :)  From what our guests have told us this little oasis is a welcome escape for them.  I can't wait to meet you!

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4301 NE 59th Ave

Vancouver, WA 98661


360) 600-2837


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