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Welcome to your community outdoor spa!


Hi! So glad you have found us. Connect Wellness was born from our love of the thermal cycle and the lack of options for us to experience it regularly. Maybe you've heard of the immense benefits of sauna and cold plunge therapy but have no idea where to even start! Try a soak session and you might just get yourself hooked.  All of our community spa sessions are 2 hours which give you plenty of time to try without feeling rushed. We have private space rentals and great membership packages as well.  Come see how this ancient therapy does wonders for your body and mind. Boost your immune system, sleep better, live longer, relieve stress, flush toxins, connect with friends in a new way.... Can't wait to see you!  


Our spa is tucked into the backyard of our home with a surprising amount of privacy. When people walk through the gate into the backyard they often say 'WOW! what a gem'
The spa is divided into two sections; the upper and lower spa. The upper (original spa) has a 6 person barrel sauna, 2 claw foot tub cold plunges, a hot soaking tub and outdoor showers. The lower spa has a wood burning mobile sauna, cold plunge, yurt, large lawn, chaise loungers and firepit. During large community soak times with more than 5 people both sauna's are on and operational.

We are into whole body healing and a place for similar minds to share and connect with each other!
However you found us, we are glad you're here! 



4301 NE 59th Ave

Vancouver, WA 98661


360) 600-2837


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