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Welcome to your community outdoor spa!


 So glad you have found us! We are an appointment only backyard spa that provides 2 hour community soak sessions. Each session is $40 per person and includes full access to all of our saunas, cold plunge tubs, warm soaking tub and nature areas.  Think relaxing, grounding, bird watching, deep air breathing. We are proud of this grass roots community we have built. A lot of good people doing good things for their health. We hope you join us!

Things to know about us...

  • We do our best to limit construction noise, but we are growing and building. Expect a low level of noise M-F.

  • Our saunas are hot (180-210 F) and our ice baths are cold (35-55 F)

  • Our sauna spaces are turned on based on capacity levels. Please don't assume both saunas will be on for your session.

  • We don’t allow visitors under the age of 13.

  • There are uneven and sometimes slippery surfaces. 

  • You might get talked to by extremely nice and cool humans.

  • We believe in kindness to all and that we are made to be in community.

  • Reservations Required. 

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Our spa is tucked into the backyard of our home with a surprising amount of privacy. When people walk through the gate into the backyard they often say 'WOW! what a gem'

We are continually improving and updating our spa and currently have the only wood burning public sauna in the pacific northwest! Once you've sat in a wood burning sauna you won't want to go back :) We have multiple places to heat up and cool down. Come get your thermal cycle on with us and join our community!

However you found us, we are glad you're here! 



4301 NE 59th Ave

Vancouver, WA 98661


(360) 600-2837


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