Even the celebs are loving the sauna

I have known for a while that the sauna and cold plunge process is pretty magical. It's helped my plantar fascitis, helped me gain clarity and calm, kept me from getting sick...I could go on and on about how crucial it has become in my self care routine. It seems now though that it's starting to gain steam in America! And that is freaking exciting for me. Just today I was listening to some Joe Rogan podcast and did you know Joe does the sauna just about every day? So does Tony Robbins. To be fair I googled 'famous celebrities that sauna' Those two fellas weren't on the list but a lot of others were along with why you should give sauna therapy a try.

Here are some of my favorite links to articles and information about how awesome this is.

Basically this 30 year finnish study says that regular use of sauna (4 times a week at least) can reduce your mortality rate across the board by almost 40%.

I'm going to keep on doing some research, you let me know what you find out! Let's get awesome together.

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