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Current Property Project News
November 2023

As our team is scurrying around trying to get the January pop up launched, here's what's going on at our main location. 


Our extremely talented construction crew (Gunnar and his dad, Jeff) have been feverishly building the steam room of my dreams. It looks like a little cabin in the national forest, and it’s awesome. I thought that it would be finished by mid-October, but it might be more like the end of the year. Womp womp. I’m learning to let go of tight schedules and go with the flow. Most of the delays have to do with me not knowing what I’m doing and not ordering things at the right time, like the steam boiler kit and tile. Haha, Oooops  We thank you for your unending patience with construction noises. We can’t wait to get this thing operational. 


While we wait for the steam room tile to arrive, the crews have transitioned their energy into building our check-in shack and store! I’m going for the reclaimed window greenhouse vibe. I can’t wait to work my shift and sit at the desk, watching you all mosey around the spa.  Having a check-in shack means that our check-in procedure is going to change! If you think that I haven’t noticed some people sneaking into the spa without paying, you are gravely mistaken. I don’t want to say that I have eyes everywhere, because that sounds creepy, but you never know who is in the sauna with you. Chances are good that it’s a member who is invested in C.W.’s success, and, yes, they do, indeed, tattle. But, seriously, if you are broke and you can’t afford a spa session, just call us. Honesty goes a lot further than you think! 


Once the check-in shack is up and running, we will have a new check-in procedure and a different flow for starting your spa session. In a nut shell, you’ll have to swing by the check-in shack at the beginning of your spa session and…check in. What a concept, amirite? Once we put our brains together, we will keep you posted on how this will look. We’ll open up the additional changing areas that we built in the shipping container, and you guys can have a little more space to spread out. Until then, our spa staff will start manually checking you into your spa session by doing a quick walk-through and asking you your name. Hopefully, this helps people be a bit more honest. 

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