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Let me take a minute to introduce myself. 

I’m Michelle. Congratulations on finding this secret spot on my website where I dive into my thoughts about entrepreneur stuff and how I got to where I am today. If you found yourself here and really you just wanted to book a spa session, click this link. So sorry for the mixup. 

If I gave you my business card and you’re interested in the business side of my brain, read on. 

I’m an ideas girl. It’s not uncommon for me to come up with 5 new business ideas in a week. I’m curious, I ask a lot of questions, I look for gaps in what people need and what is being offered. Often coming up with new ways of solving problems that is ingeius. Of course, I’m unable to execute those business ideas because I’m just one person, but they are there.  I joked once with a friend that I’d love to have so much money that I could hire people to run with all of these business ideas. I could just be the ideas person who starts them. Business development is one of my strongest skill sets. 


10 years before I started my current business Connect Wellness, I worked along side my Dad and brother as they started an industrial construction company.  We that ended up operating in 10 states and had a lot of complicated components like unions and million dollar projects that would complete in 2 weeks.  I learned more than any school could teach me. It was the school of hard knocks mixed in with the pure joy of working along side my family. When we started I was just the bookkeeper. By the end of it I was managing an office team and taking care of all things financing and administrative. The business sold to a corporate competitor and I saw the writing on the wall for my time as an employed individual. It was about this time that I experienced my first spa. Not your typical US nail "spa" but the more European style spa. I started hunting down any space that had saunas, cold plunges and hot soaks. 

I became what you’d call a spa junkie. I traveled all over the US and parts of Canada and Mexico seeking out hot springs and spas. I said ‘why isn’t this everywhere!?’ And I decided I needed to start my own spa. I saved my money, I picked apart other spas,  made a business plan and then covid happened. So I sat, and I waited until the time felt right. I didn’t rush it. I had a chunk of money saved and earned from a house sale. I could use that for my seed money and put an offer in on a building and do a build. OR I could open my backyard up to strangers and see if they would just come spa in my backyard. 


I took a gamble. 


The people in my circle were worried for me but I wasn’t. 


I knew it would work. I hustled. I got my first batch of customers. They were hooked. Then they told their friends. Then those friends told their friends. In 4 months, I was outgrowing my little 4 person spa space. In less than 3 years I have increased my capacity from 4 people a session, to 25 people a session. We try to keep it super simple with memberships and spa passes for 2 hour spa sessions.  We offer 6 sessions a day, $40 a session and historically we’ve run at 60-70% occupancy. The little backyard spa that could.


I am told that my spa’s success is because I have secret sauce, I’m a visionary and my brain is magic. Who knows if Connect Wellness’ success is because of me or because my timing was perfect. I’ve hit on a nerve of what our community needs right now for over all well being and I believe we are in a sauna renaissance in the U.S.  Connect Wellness will run out of space by the fall of 2024. I am currently looking for our next few locations and opportunities to grow our brand. 


My team is rock solid. 

Our customers are loyal. 

Our product sells itself. 

I’m having the best time selling this service.


The best part is people leave better than when they came in so it’s not a hard sell. I am committed to growing this business and keeping the cost as reasonable as possible. This should not be a service for the wealthy. It should be something that the majority of communities can afford. There’s a big enough profit margin to run comfortably without becoming greedy. 


I am open to any conversation that helps spread this practice. Even if it means I help you open up a spa just a few miles away from me.  A rising tide lifts all boats. 

If you’ve made it this far and feel you want to connect with me, please do!




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